At last I'm able to set up an Elwick DNA Project!

Elwick DNA Project

It's in it's infancy but please any male Elwick's out there interested in Family History and furthering knowledge of our origins contact me.

I have most people born since 1837  in the UK with the name Elwick in just 6 trees it would be nice to be able to connect some of them.


The trees are named after the area of the earliest reference to the person at the top of the tree hence:

  1. Misterton, Nottinghamshire this is my line and has descendents in Canada and USA

  2. Durham has descendents in USA

  3. Scarborough

  4. London they tend to spell the name ELLWICK, no known male descendents alive today

  5. Hampshire they used HELWICK in the 19th century

  6. Yorkshire this is an early tree with no known male descendents alive today